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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Rule #1: Do Not Damage Tile or Grout


Tile and grout

It is almost inevitable that grease and grime will work its way into your tile & grout and become almost impossible to get out. If this is not cleaned it will build up over time and has the possibility of creating an odor in its environment. Our team of professionals will use our specialty cleaners to remove the gunk and leave your space looking fresh and shining. After the area has been cleaned and restored, we will seal it to help reduce future grime and grease build-up.

Is your tile and grout sealed?

Unfortunately, builders rarely seal tile and grout. If your grout and tile is not sealed, we recommend a thorough cleaning and then sealing your tile and grout ASAP. The longer you go without sealing, the more dirt and grit that is going to get in your grout and tile.

If you have tile and grout, and most homes and businesses do, sooner or later you will want to have your tile and grout professionally cleaned. Decisions have to be made. The internet is full of misleading and erroneous information about grout cleaning. Probably because so many people without experience are attempting be "grout cleaning experts". Also, there are professionals that have strong opinions about the clear sealer vs color sealer. Although we do both, we generally favor clear sealer. Quality sealer, applied correctly, will not yellow as many color sealer proponents claim. There are times when color sealer is the preferred method, such as when stains in the grout cannot be removed to an acceptable degree. No matter how good a job you do with color sealer, anytime you try to touch it up, you will have a blotting of the color (even when attempting to touch up with the same can as originally used).

Another controversy pertains to using high pressure steam to clean the grout. You will find instance where grout work has been destroyed by high pressure steam. High pressure machines output 800 psi and are capable of a massive amount of damage in seconds. The risk of this damage is in direct correlation to the experience and expertise of the company doing the steam cleaning. Many inexperienced and ill-equipped companies are attempting to clean grout without the knowledge or expertise to do it right. Our #1 rule is: Do No Damage. Steam cleaning grout is by far the best method to clean grout, but needs to be done by an experienced professional with the expertise to do it right. With high pressure steam, we are able to dissolve grime and stains and force the nasty debris out of the grout. There is no more effective method for cleaning grout. The key is experience and caution.


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