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Stain Removal

Don't turn a small stain into a major problem


Stains and spills

Fresh stains are easier to remove than older stains

Call us ASAP if you get a nasty spill or stain. Getting you carpet cleaned will be a small price to pay to bring your carpet back to its previous condition. Too often, DIY cleaning makes the problem worse. Plus, after DIY cleaning, you often have a magnet for dirt from your shoes. Let a professional protect your valuable carpet and leave your home sanitized and deodorized with a clean, fresh smell.

Stains we remove:

Paint, Ink, Wine spills, Grape juice, Mustard, Catsup, Coffee, Soy sauce, Lipstick, Urine, Blood and many other causes of carpet and furniture stains.

While removing stains, we sanitize and deodorize. Your stains will be gone and your home will smell fresh.

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