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Odor Removal

Let us remove your household odor


Pet odor

Whether it is from food, drinks, products or pets, staining and odors are an unfortunate occurrence around your home. TruCarpet knows how to help reverse the damage.

Our specialized cleaners are able to penetrate the surface and attack the stains and odors that are held deep below. This means furniture, carpets and floors are fresher from our stain and odor removal.

Pets often cause odors in your home

Our pets are cute and add a lot of joy to our household. However, they can bring odors into our homes. Whether it's urine, feces, or just simply a dog smell, it permeates the carpet and sometimes the pad below. Sometimes it enters the structural base of the floor.

Pets often choose spots in which they repeatedly urinate. You may find it extremely difficult to housebreak your pet.

Food and beverage spills

We've all heard, "Don't cry over spilled milk". Well, when it spills on the carpet, there may be reason to cry. This can soak into the carpet and pad below. It can even get below the pad, allowing harmful bacteria to take hold and cause horrible odors. Getting spilled milk cleaned up in a hurry is important for your health and for the fresh smell of your home.

Our odor removal services and our stain removal services work hand in hand to battle spills. Stains can be ugly; smells can be notice of dangerous pollutants and bacteria in the air. Don't risk your health when it comes to nasty smells in your home. Let us check them out immediately.



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